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Beauty, joy and functionality

Amfora is a Finnish design company producing high quality ceramic products for both everyday life and special moments. We believe that a good product can be both beautiful and functional.
Amfora was created when passion and love combined creativity, handicraft and hard work.
Our products enjoy being used and love to bring joy in everyday life. They has been noticed in different food cultures all over the world. Amfora was also awarded with Finnish State Award of Design in 2008.

All Amfora products are made of high quality vitroporcelain. It is a beautiful and durable porcelain with warm, white color. Amfora products can be used in dishwasher, oven and microwave. And the best part is that they are not produced in mass production, but in good hands, as a unique product of little serieproduction.

Designer behind the beauty

Amfora´s roots are deep in artist´s studio. Designer, ceramic artist Päivi Rintaniemi has created this beautifully unique collection of table ware and design ceramics. All the way since her studies in the University of Art and Design, both designing and making has been an equally important part of the process. Her interest is based in everyday life aesthetic and functionality.

Together with her husband, engineer Markku Rintaniemi, they produce everything with years of experience in Finland, Päivi´s hometown Seinäjoki. Rintaniemi has also been noticed with her unique ceramic sculptures all over the world.

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