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Rose of Jericho




Rose of Jericho and white Amfora Koto-plate
Plate´s measures: height 4 cm, side 14,5 cm.
Plant´s shape and size varies between 7-13 cm.

Rose of Jericho – eternal plant that can stand highest heat and cold without any water or soil. As many times as you want, you can make it green and then dry again. Without soil, both indoors and outdoors.

How it works?
If you want the plant to open, keep it under running tap water for a little while, place it on a flat dish and pour water on it. It is enough that the bottom of the plant is in the water. During eight hours lifeless lump turns into a interesting green plant. If you´re not patient enough you can run hot water on it and it will open in 10-20 minutes. As it is a plant from the desert, it needs a dry rest for at least two weeks after that. While dry, it survives centuries not dying. As long as the rose doesn´t get too much water, nothing can happen to it and even you great grandchildren can enjoy it.